The Marvel Crisis Kit in times of Corona

Worldwide internet traffic records have been broken during quarantine, an opportunity during these hard times.

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Successful business case from Wuhan: Lin Qingxuan 

Person-to-person and physical detail businesses were in the affected regions the biggest sale channels. Creative Chinese companies quickly adapted their sales channels to new digital channels. This affected both B2C as B2B companies.

40% shops were closed

During the crisis in Wuhan a cosmetics company was obliged to close 40% of its shops, because of their location.


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Marveltest has been guiding business decisions data-driven since our birth in the spring 2018.

1. Work from home package

Online office, internal communication and project management. 

Chatbots, client service automation

3. Communication package

4. Online Competitors package

Marveltest competitor analysis and realtime competitor data

2. Digital Acquisition package

Lead generation, digital acquisition and audience analysis

The Marvel Crisis Kit


Impact of Covid-19 in China: 

Signs of recovery in economy

6 weeks from the start of Covid-19 the first signs of recovery in specific sectors appear. (Harvard Business Review, 2020)

Digital retraining

Revenue growth

The loss of physical channels offers opportunities for new online tools and software. Marveltest organized the much-needed software and tools at a crisis price especially for you. 

All packages are individual implementable and adjustable to your situation

Marvel Crisis Kit packages explained

1. Work from Home package

Whereby: Online Office
Replace the physical office space with virtual meeting rooms, where team meetings and client meetings can take place at the same time.

Slack: Internal Communication
The perfect communnication tool for updates, questions and sharing information about specific topics. Document automatically all the updates and stay in the loop!

Trello: Project Management
A total online overview of all ongoing projects, necessary means and strict deadlines. The platform supports multiple integrations and shows tasks in realtime.

Time indication:
Installed within a day.
Trained within a few hours. 

Price: one-off €500,-

Internet usage in the Netherlands explodes during quarantine.

Instead of firing the staff, the company retrained its beauty consultants to become online advertisers for the webshop.

Because of this, the company realised a revenue growth of 200% in Wuhan in comparison with the year before. 

Marveltest is known for its efficient digital services.

2. Digital Acquisition package

Lead Generation
Now that all physical fairs in Europe are canceled, online lead generation is the only option to acquire new clients. We analyze the website visitors of the fair your company should have been present at and target these visitors through our online channels.

Digital Acquisition
Marveltest can digitalize the sales for your retail store. Our algorithm tests the whole internet for where, how and to who we should sell your products.

Audience Determination
Marveltest will find the ideal audience segmentation for your company. Our algorithm determines the perfect audience for your product or service. based on potential return on ad spend.

Time Indication:
Online sales possible within 4 weeks. 

Price: from €1.000,- per month

3. Communication package

Stay in contact with your clients in a personal way as much as possible. Our chatbot makes it feel like the client is in your physical store.

Service Automation
Basic or repetitive client questions can be taken care of through automated processes. This will improve the efficiency of your employees and will allow them more time for meaningful conversations with clients.

Marketing Automation
Save time with converting leads to clients through the use of marketing automation software from Marveltest. The client will be warmed up by our advanced techniques for the last acquisition step. 

Time Indication:
Fully automated installation possible within 2 weeks

Price: from €1.000,- (one-off)

4. Online Competitors package

Competitor Analysis
You know directly where you are in the online environment with the competitor analysis from Marveltest. Receive benchmarks from the market and benchmark yourself against your biggest competitors. Find the most inspiring companies in the market or gain innovative ideas from different sectors.

Digital Advice
In addition to an overview of competitors and insights you will also receive digital advice for the implementation of the future vision of your company. 

Live Competitor Data
Marveltest can deliver real-time competitor data in a personalized, real-time dashboard. This data can then be transformed to live strategies. 

Time Indication:
Deliver within 2 weeks

Price: from €1.000,- (one-off)

Mark Zuckerberg said the traffic on Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram has doubled since the start of the Corona Crisis in the beginning March.

(NRC, 19-03-2020)

AMS-IX and DE-CIX, Europe crossroads for internet traffic in Amsterdam and Frankfurt broke their all-time records.

(NRC, 19-03-2020)

Dutch internet providers speak about the highest increase in internet traffic, with work days as busy as the weekend"

(VodafoneZiggo, KPN)

Worldwide internet traffic is up 60%, depending on the specific sector and location.

(HBR, 17-03-2020)


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Our Algorithm 

A number of Dutch brands closed their shops and asked us to setup a personal shopping experience. Big benefit: same unique care for your customers and a familiar workload for your employees. 

For a few companies Marveltest created digital acquisition funnels when the physical fairs closed all-over Europe. Therefore customer acquisition could continue.

A large number of catering entrepreneurs asked us to help with the their patronage online. In just a few days Marveltest was able to triple their online revenue. 


Marveltest developed its own algorithm that performs 1.000 experiments to find the best possible marketing funnels for your product.

Marveltest feeds the algorithm first with internet traffic data of competitors and target audience data that we gather. The next step is to use multiple channels (sometimes up to 15!) with different marketing campaigns to test tens of audiences. After the audiences click through to one of the tens landing pages selling your product. That is how we find the best way to sell your product to the right audience.

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