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What Marveltest can mean for the Fashion sector

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Marveltest combines different analyses to obtain the head start you're looking for!

Week 1

An insightful cooperation between data and fashion

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Marveltest is a data driven marketing company that focuses on growth. Besides the experience and results in the Fashion sector, Marveltest accelerates online testing, optimisation and transitions.


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Marveltest has been guiding business decisions data-driven since our birth in the spring 2018.

Ons team werkend vanaf thuis, bereikbaar via 085-1302196.

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High Capacity Testing

The Hard Results

The second month of the HighCapacityTesting Algorithm for one of our clients

"Marveltest, with its data intelligence niche, is what we internally say to be the champions league in data-driven marketing, compared to the Jupiler League of other full e-commerce solutions."


Financial Analysis

1. Historical Yardstick Data analysis

  • Current Lifetime Value
  • Current Average Order 
  • Current Conversion Rate
  • Current Customer Value

2. Developed and modelled 4 scenario's

  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Lower Marketing Costs
  • Higher Average Order Values
  • Lower Returns


-40% Marketing Cost
+98% revenue

Competitor Analysis


The return on ad spend went from 3.2 to 8.5

1. Marveltest Scraper gathered competitor data

  • Found 25+ competitors audiences
  • Found 5 successful promotions of competitors
  • Found 659 successful keywords
  • Found 15+ website optimizations

Historical Marketing

Data Analysis


Speed went up, reaching the goal within 2 months

1. Our systems ran through historical marketing efforts on the channels

  • Defined the current audience
  • Learned about previous mistakes
  • Audience segmented to 20+ audiences

Product Data Analysis


Average margin on orders went from 35% to 65%, with AOV: +32%

1. Machine learning algorithm discovered

  • Higher average order values in Northrein-Westfalen.
  • Show more Denim pages to men and they buy more. 
  • Best pricing level is between €40-€50
  • Highest margins are on €50-€60 pricing level.

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Combine analysis and start
High Capacity Testing

Marveltest's own created HighCapacityTesting algorithm finds your right channel, target audience and proposition to sell your products! Through 1.000 experiments Marveltest is able to validate different assumptions about your brand in a data driven way.

We lowered the cost-per-click by 41%, which resulted in reaching the target revenue with 41% less marketing spend.

The customer acquisition cost lowered drastically which resulted in a return on ad spend on ad sets that was a staggering 11,48.

We pushed the revenue in the first month to the target: doubling the revenue. This while marketing cost went down with 41%.

As our machine learning algorithm produced audiences that have higher AOV's, we reached an AOV increase of 38%


Online marketing is about data not about feeling!

Validated Anwers

The marketing department preferred visual 1, while creative went for visual 2. But our data suggested after the first validation round that visual 3 converted two times better!

That is the funny thing about data, you will be surprised every time.

Learnings: Visual 3 has more contrast than visual 2 and the model looks in the camera while the model in visual 1 does not.