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More about Marveltest?

Marveltest is a data driven marketing company that focuses on growth. Besides the experience and results with the Job Searching, Marveltest accelerates online testing, optimization and transitions.


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Marveltest has been guiding business decisions data-driven since our birth in the spring 2018.

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How do we work?

Marveltest is specialised in target audiences and uses a framework of 1.000 experiments to find the right talent. The framework in use of Marveltest is a tweaked double diamond method. This method provides Marveltest and your company with valuable insights in the target audiences, because the deductive and inductive method. Starting of with 1.000 experiments and optimising the first results.


Marveltests' staggering record

"Marveltest tested new business opportunities for us in the middle east and Europe. With their finesse eye and understanding about key actions taken in funnels, we were able to reach our goal and grow substantially!"

Only 25% of people are actively looking for a job. By attracting passive people we can reach 100% of the market. By using the right set of channels and target audiences, based on interests and type of marketing we can persuade this new market of people.

To attract the other 75% we change the marketing funnel to persuade the people in the company, the job, the benefits, etc. The audiences will be tested with a method Marveltest likes to call High capacity testing. Where in the first testing round all the assumable audiences are validated. After this round, the optimization and branding for the company will start where we will attract the right people for the company and the job. 


Channels used for perfect audience search


Applicants by a variety of companies


New colleagues due same strategy

Everybody is looking for a new job when the promise/dream is better. For this people job positioning and advertising are different and the whole company should be advertised on different channels for optimal result.

Possible with MarvelJobs to reach and convince these people. 


Hire talent by targeting them online at the right place and time.


On which channels do we reach the candidates?


LinkedIn is the most common channel used to look for new employees. The problem with LinkedIn is the lower amount of users and most of the time higher educated people. Therefore are some jobs neglected in the search engine of this network. Still LinkedIn is the most specific advertisement channel for job posting due to the limitless options for descriptions and special posts like: Job posts, Personal Messaging, Brand posting and Applications on company page.

People on the social networks are not specifically looking for a job. That is why Marveltest uses this channels to promote the company at the right target audience and improve the brand awareness of the company, especially focused on the work environment the you deliver.

73% of the people start looking for a job in Google. With the new Google Jobs you can take benefit from this statistic. Important to know is that Google works with keywords, meaning your advertisement need to use the most common job description to succeed.

Marveltest combines these channels and set up a personalised strategy per company to find the right minded and skillset people.

35% Employer Branding

65% Job Advertising

To make the target group optimally enthusiastic for an employer and for a job, we dedicate 35% of the budget to strengthening you Employer Brand.

Tests in previous successful campaigns have shown that we achieve the most optimal result with 65% of the budget on job advertising. With this budget we ensure that previously reached candidates will apply.

Candidate Journey

We enhance the employer brand of your company within the target group divided by different channels. This will increase the brand awareness by the potential employee. When we created a clear positive image about your brand by the potential candidate he will be directed to the application page.